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About Toby and Rachel Basner

Toby and Rachel Basner are an energetic and creative duo who actively listen to their clients and work passionately to find them the home they are searching for. Their first experience here was only to visit family and to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor opportunities the, Treasure Valley offers. They fell in love with the area and decided to change careers in order to move here and raise their family. They work hard to ensure their clients experience that same warmth and sense of adventure!
Rachel Basner grew up in a family that moved often, both locally and nationally due to her parent’s successful careers and her own ambitions. After high school, she attended nursing school and spent her early 20s caring for a diverse range of patients in both Los Angeles and Seattle. She then pursued a business opportunity, becoming the Vice-President of sales for a startup orthodontic technology company in Atlanta, Georgia. There she met her husband and had her beautiful baby girl, Reagan Basner. 
Rachel's depth of experience began as a child looking for homes with her parents, and continued as she bought both investment properties and homes as a single professional, marriage partner, and for a growing family. She has a knack for finding creative solutions and is known for her quick smile and laughter. Her showings are always fun and informative.
Toby Basner grew up in Atlanta, Georgia surrounded by a large family famous for their southern hospitality. As a young man, he developed a passion for the outdoors and professional sports. He spent his 20s as a professional baseball umpire, working for both the NCAA and MLB. Toby’s experience working in cities across the United States and internationally have developed an unmatched resourcefulness in him. He continues to experience his passion for baseball as a volunteer teacher for local youth umpires. He is excited to help new and existing Treasure Valley residents learn the ins and outs of this vibrant community.  
Prior to becoming a realtor, Toby started a vehicle rental company here in the Treasure Valley. He personally delivered rental vehicles throughout the area as his company grew, learning about all of Treasure Valley’s nooks and crannies. He frequently searches out new fishing holes on his way home from working with clients and can tell you the need to know information about each neighborhood and adventure spot.

The Basner team is here for you!

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